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Port Moody- Ahhh, we LOVE it here, and we set out to make the most comprehensive and user friendly website for anyone interested in Port Moody condos. This site offers everything for first-time buyers to savvy investors. Our goal is to provide as much information about the Port Moody condo market and local real estate related and non-real estate related news. We also intend to showcase the culture and diversity that make up the city we live and work in. Click below to start searching now. 


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Tri-Cities May 2024 Market Update

Posted on May 09, 2024

Wondering what's up with the Tri-Cities market? 🤔 Join Greg for a clear-cut breakdown! In this video, we'll tackle the big question: buyer's market, seller's market, or somewhere in between? 📊 We'll dive into specifics like which city you're eyeing, your budget, and the type of property you're after. Let's simplify the Tri-Cities real estate scene...

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Market Correction Or Explosion?

Posted on Feb 14, 2024

In today's video, we're delving into the January real estate market stats. But the big question remains: Is it a buyer's or seller's market?
Greg will be analyzing the latest statistics, but hold your horses! Are these numbers really telling the whole story, or could they be leading us astray? Stay tuned as they dissect what's truly happening in the...

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$82,000 "Mistake" Costs Person His Home

Posted on Jan 27, 2024

Don't let a heartbreaking story like the one featured on CBC last week happen to you, about a guy that lost $82,000 in a pre-sale! In this video, Greg dives into the risks and rewards of buying preconstruction in the Canadian real estate market.

Greg provides valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help you navigate the complexities of preconstru...

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When Is the Best Time To Buy/Sell Real Estate in CANADA?

Posted on Jan 09, 2024

Curious about the best time to buy or sell real estate? Join Greg in this video as we explore the ideal moments to make real estate decisions throughout the year. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, He'll break down the factors that can influence the real estate market at different times, helping you make informed decisions. Let's navigate the seas...

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2024 Vancouver Real Estate Predictions

Posted on Jan 09, 2024

Join Greg as he reflects on the exciting real estate journey we've had in Greater Vancouver throughout 2023. In this video, he'll take a look back at the bustling first half of the year, followed by a quieter second half where both volume and prices experienced a decline. As consumer confidence took a dip and interest rates went up, it's been quite...

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Get Prepared Canada. Housing Prices to Crash!

Posted on Jan 09, 2024

Curious about the housing market in 2024? Join Greg in this video as he discusses whether there will be a surge in foreclosures and great real estate deals. He recently had a conversation with someone who believes there will be, but he'll share his perspective on why he thinks otherwise.

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