City Works Yard and Old Fire Hall 

What is going to happen with the proposed two sites (in the blue circles below)? It will be decided by the residents of Port Moody. The Port Moody council decided to defer a decision on amending the zoning and designation and a referendum will be held on October 20th. These are two prime pieces of land that developers would be licking their chops to get. If built upon, nothing would obstruct views of the inlet or mountains. A scenario that seems to be changing with the quickly changing landscape of Port Moody. Buyers who bought the premier northwest corner of The Grand in Suterbrook will now have another high rise obstructing their view that the city just passed. This is a recent example of the uncertainty of development that Buyers may face with a new build. However, these sites, short of something being put on stilts in the Burrard Inlet, would offer a certainty. The city is trying to jockey new amenities like a library, sports fields, and retirement housing as part of a package for developers to agree to, but it seems many people are against it and feel the city is growing a little too quickly. Why not take some time to assess? The land will always be there, and the value won't be declining anytime soon. Let's not forget what the city just passed in the picture below (red circle). There's a lot on the horizon for lil' old Port Moody.